The Infamous Countdown

For those of you who don't know about the, um, infamous countdown, it is the wonderous thing heard at many old and some recent live TMBG shows, immediately prior to the appearance of Them.

Courtesy of " (silly rabbi--trix are for yids)"'s 6 Nov 1994 02:41:29 GMT post to

ten! your ten fingers reach into the air

nine! your nine toes wriggle in anticipation

eight! already you've forgotten what you ate for dinner

seven! seven stagehands reach for the one remaining beer

six! you feel six

five! only five seconds remain until they might be giants hits the stage over and over again

four! no one seems to know what this is for

three! only three things stand between you and this evening's event...and

two! of them are huge security guards. which means the

one! obstacle remaining is the

zero! who's holding up this show with this countdown. i don't mean to be the

negative one! but you'd be

negative two! if it weren't for the fabulous show you're about to enjoy. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome...

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