Kari's Infamous Song Interpretations

Hall of Heads

_hall of heads_ is about a research lab. i determined this today at work. see, i take care of a rat colony at one of the labs on campus here, and to entertain and amuse myself while sweeping the floors and washing cages and doing any of the ten million other mindless things i have to do, i sing giants songs. i think the rats like it also. anyways, today i was singing _hall of heads_, only i was substituting "rats" for "heads" cause I figured the rats would like to hear songs about themselves and their kind. and it struck me how appropriate it seemed to say things like "roll out that special rat. this is our favorite one" [cause sometimes i have to weigh a rat and put him outside the rat room for the researchers] and "please don't try to leave, don't leave the hall of rats" ['cause the rats try to escape when i pick them up and take them out of their cages, i guess because they think i'm some kind of snake or hawk or cat or something that thinks rats would make a nice breakfast, but really, i'm not, which is why i sing to them.] and of course they can't get away or "really hide" 'cause they are in cages, and there's not many places in the cages where they can go to hide. "hide down behind the furnace" must mean the air conditioner and the electrical boxes and things. these, i guess, are the places where the rats could try to hide if they could ever escape. of course, it's hall of heads instead of hall of rats, so maybe the heads are like, i don't know, disembodied brains in vats of nutrient solution [that's why they can't get away, and their feet won't help them run- cause their feet are no longer attached] or maybe it's like a psych experiment [there are a lot of those around here, and you can make pretty good money if you do all of them] or maybe an evil pysch experiment gone wrong in which they're trying to control people's minds and the people are trying to escape, but they can't because the researchers have too much control over them already.

Mr. Me

while ingesting the evening meal [dinner? supper? you decide...] tonight in our dining hall, god came down out of a giant flaming meatball right in front of our table and gave me a message to pass on to all my friends out there in tmb-land... she told me The True Meaning of Mr. Me. it's about dining hall food. think about it... listen to the lyrics... feel the demons leave your body... "once a boy named mr. me bemoaned a great regret. 'i've floundered in the misty sea and can't abide its mystery, i wound up sad you bet.'" obviously he has gone to the dining hall once too often, and found it filled with scary food unequaled anywhere within our solar sytem. this distressed him very much. as it does kate and me. he looked and looked at the choices and just kept floundering around, walking back and forth between the sandwich bar and the cereal rack, and just couldn't abide the mystery of the so-called meat, and those bizarre casseroles that are colors food just shouldn't be, and he just wound up sad [you bet] 'cause he couldn't find any food and he was probably really hungry, 'cause they didn't have anything good for lunch, either... obviously the misty sea is the dining hall...witness the next bit "so onward go and edward ho into the bounding main, enjoy the show, look out below but mind the misty sea or end up sad like mr. me." obviously, the bounding main is either a restaurant, or a place where they cook really good food, and the song is saying, go to this place where they serve good food, and have a lot of fun, and watch out for the dining hall, 'cause it'll just make you very unhappy. "so take the hand of mr. me and mister, make him glad to swim the mister misty sea and cease the mister mystery that mister, made him sad." obviously, this is a heartfelt plea to all dining halls throughout the nation and across the world to improve the quality of their food from "slop" to at least "edible" or even "recognizable" 'cause it would make mr. me and thousands of other starving students very happy. as you might have guessed, kate and i just returned from a very disappointing dinner... peanut butter bread is not only a staple, but a necessity... "he ended up sad, he ended up sad, he ended up really, really, really sad..."

[picture of feet]