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If you'd like to get as many as thirty messages a day (more, if things like that marriage thread start up again....:) ) from people you don't know, but whom are nevertheless really cool, about things that may or may not pertain to They Might Be Giants (the band and the cereal), then keep reading! If you love the band They Might Be Giants (and who doesn't??), subscribe! It's cool!

What follows is shamelessly taken from posts by Leo Bicknell, TMBG Admin



                  mailing list! 

           D-I-G-E-S-T-E-D or I-N-S-T-A

        Talk about the band, concerts, music.

        Best of all it's free!

List mail can come to you in one of two forms (with the same
information in each):

Digested: Convenient, prepackaged - all the day's mail in one message.

Insta: For those who need to know before (or, at least, as fast as)
everyone else, the play-by-play version - messages come to you one by
one, as soon as they go through the listserver.

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    unsubscribe tmbg-list  
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