The Great American Pastime

This is a yo-yo. Or, alternatively, it's a lucky ball and chain. Then again, maybe it's a rock and a string to wind around it. And according to Kari, it's a boulder with a noose. Oh well.

In any case...

We have recently discovered something which we felt we must share. Some of
you may have already learned this, but a great way to spend an evening is to:

Step 1. Put on John Henry. Really loud.

Step 2. Play with a yo-yo. Get a friend to join you.

        (This yo-yo thing is especially pleasing if, like us, you were unable
        to work a yo-yo in childhood, but have recently discovered
        that hey, it's not really that hard. Something about the
        fulfillment of childhood dreams. =]  )

Step 3. Sing along. Loudly and badly. (This is very important. Also,
        having housemates, roommates, or other mates around to look at
        you funny helps to enhance the experience.)

Step 4. That's it. It's really quite simple. :-)  And addictive. Trust

Also receiving full endorsment is "the Ana Ng dance," imortalized in the Ana Ng video (available on the They Might Be Giants Video Compilation). We must all learn this, and do it every chance we get. It is the key to a happy life. :-)

[picture of feet]