well, i go to the u of c, like it says on my home page.

at home, i have two cats:


and murphy.

i also have a dog named pepper. i'll stick up a picture of her sometime too. i live with a lot of people in a dorm called BJ, for Burton Judson. my roommate's name is leah. i'll put her picture up here too.

once upon a time i was going to be a bio major. maybe i still will... i haven't decided... in any case, here are some web servers that would be useful in the event that i do...

this is marvin. kate and i spend a lot of time clustered around his glowing little screen... do you think two people can constitute a cluster? well, anyway, marvin hates us. he hates everyone. he hates himself...

my obsessions include

(see also the kate and kari show)