Welcome to Glenn, Michigan

 The Pancake Town

So-called because the town fed most of stalled US-31 during the '67 blizzard. But just what is that thingie on the pancakes??

These are the merest sampling of some photos I took for fun (and without the permission of the owners, oopsies) at the most wonderful little mini-mall in the world: a place called "Junque Mart" on Blue Star Highway just south of Glenn, MI. The products are displayed with unparalled taste and creativity, as you can see from these photos. If you ever find yourself in West Michigan (sorry!), it's worth a side trip. The pictures were taken with my Leningrad-made LOMO camera. It's got a plastic lens (good-ol' Soviet craftsmanship, yup yup), so even though it - ahem - doesn't have the most amazing array of features I've ever seen (you get to choose between four focus settings, period) and mine is held together with electrical tape, it takes really funky, artsy-type photos with NO EFFORT ON THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S PART WHATSOEVER. Cool, eh?

(P.S. If you look closely, or better yet click on the pictures for a bigger (though still far from perfect) version), you'll be able to see a fine bust of a bulldog behind old Zeus in the lower left. The lower right, of course, has got to be JC himself, with a dandy homemade crown of thorns, if you ask me)