It has come to my attention that there weren't enough pictures of the delightful MISZA BELLA (a.k.a. Michal, a.k.a. Mike, a.k.a. god-knows-what lately) on the 'net. As he's one of my favorite people in the world, I thought I might take it upon myself to help rectify the situation.

Here's Misza working hard, at his old job in Warszawa, where he used to sell overpriced imports to scary Russian mafia-types while behaving very, very correctly.

This is Misza looking absolutely horrified when Katja the turistka (does that word work in Polish, too?) whips out her camera and starts snapping right there in the middle of the square in Krakow, where anyone might see! I won't tell anyone he's really from Nevada if you don't...

Misza's hideous former apartment building on ul. Zloty in Warszawa. Note Sony building in background. He's no doubt got better digs now and is horrified at THIS VERY MOMENT to find that I've gone and published this to the ENTIRE WORLD. Ha! :-) 


(Privet, Mishenka dorogoi.
You asked for it. =]
Obnimaiu, Katya)

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