Mathews Reunion
Long Island

Aaron, Liza and Susanna lounge
on Town Beach, Southold

Kate's friend Bruce plays the vampire while
Susanna, Liza, Aaron (gesticulating) and Leah
soak up the sun (through a healthy screen of
lotion, we assure all)

Back on the ranch that evening, Jeremy,
Meredith, Keiki and Leah ponder a buffet of
old Mathews photos and (new) wondrous grilled
food (the usual: swordfish spears, beets,
Leah's secret Fabuloso Burgers)

Susanna naps briefly.
Too much 'wine product'?

The next morning, Jeremy and Susanna enjoy
the paper while Aaron grills us up some
bagels and banana bread.
Aaron's good with that grill, he is.

Liza and Aaron, being cute
(apparently involuntarily)

Meredith and Franny solve the NYTimes
crossword while Aaron ("The Suit")
Ackermann immerses himself in something
important, we're sure.

Back on Long Island Sound that afternoon,
Kari...does a little dance? With the hat,
perhaps it's performance art. Did we mention
that we also revolutionized dinner theater
last night?

Shanti, Jeremy, Aaron, Meredith (hiding)
and Leah covort, frolic, etc.

As the party winds down, Kate and Leah get
one last dip in the Sound (okay, in Kate's
case first and last - it looked chilly...)

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