Hello, and welcome to my brand-spankin' new web site. For those of you who aren't here because you know me and I forced you into checking this place out, I'm currently a second-year Ph.D. student in Imperial Russian History, here at Columbia. At the moment, my official specialty is cultural and institutional history from 1801-1855 (the reigns of Alexander I and Nicholas I). On-going projects include a seminar paper for Richard Wortman's Myth & Ritual course on St. Petersburg's Alexander Palace, and an M.A. paper on Adam Czartoryski's years in Russian service. If you have anything to share on these topics, write me!

Look here for the new course web page, soon to be copied to the History Department site as well.


To the left you (hopefully) see a table of contents for my site. Some of these pages will open in a new window:

[Cash]Résumé - I'm currently looking for just about anything to pay the bills through the end of the summer.

Thinking]Curriculum Vitae - For the more academicially inclined....

[Quill & Parchment]B.A. Essay - This is the entire 50-page document plus notes in one file (117K). The title is "On the Education of Autocrats: Catherine's Grandsons," and you can dip your toes in the water first with this "brief" abstract.

[Converse Shoes]Utopia Parkway - A netzine Kari Bauer, Franny Parker and I founded and ran for a few years in college. The complete archives are now available once again (while the whole world breathes a sigh of relief...).

[Bowling Shirt]Mathews House - This will lead you to a slightly random collection of gee-gaws and tchotchkes having to do with Mathews House of the University of Chicago Residence Halls & Commons system, and its residents, 1993-97. Look here for Reunion '00 photos , the infamous Gospel of Mathews, and the award-winning 1996 World B. Free Scavenger Hunt page.

[Coffee Cup]The Kate & Kari Show - This is, er, a slightly embarrassing artifact of mine and Kari's very first foray into the wide world of the web. Since this was c.1993, it was the time of nearly everyone's first foray into the web, and since the Show was also in a way the precursor to Utopia Parkway, it has some historic significance going both ways. If nothing else, it might be worth a look just to either [a] guffaw or [b] blink back a tear of nostalgia (depending on your point of view) at the grey backgrounds and those pathetic early attempts to "integrate" text and images. Oh, and it's probably worth seeing the fingerpaints, too. (Just what the early internet planners had in mind for "content," don't you think?)

[Typewriter]My Old Snafu Homepage - This also looks pretty primitive these days, but I'm very attached to it nonetheless. The text, by the way, is an artful confusion of a number of different quotes. Aw, I destroyed the magic by telling you that, didn't I? P.S. Thanks to Kevin Fu for generously hosting my web junk all these years (and still bearing the bulk of the new-n-improved Utopia Parkway) on his own server, snafu.fooworld.org, which apparently still looks like a fridgidaire.


The other pages listed at left will open in this frame, and mostly contain new or updated content. These items, too, may require -- as does almost everything for which I am responsible -- some additional explanation:

peeking from trash] Links - the current list is a bit out of date (by a year or two - where does the time go?). I was going to update them, but most of my new links have worked themselves onto other pages, and I'm going to leave them be. So there.

Youth Exchange]Norway, and Things Norwegian - I lived in Ottestad, Norway (near Hamar, OL-byen '94!) for a year in 1991-92 as a Rotary Exchange Student. This is a fairly random collection of odds, ends, and links. And hey while I'm on the topic - if you're also a RYE veteran, sign in now on the Directory of Former Rotary Exchange Students!

[Tulips]Holland - I was born and raised in Holland, Michigan, home of the Tulip Festival. Try as I might to put the place thoroughly behind me, there's somehow always a little pile of tulip detritus following me around....The place is cursed, I tell ya.

[St. Petersburg] Russia - Site of more recent obsessing. I was a Russian Civilization major at college, I spent nine months living in glorious, decaying, slushy St. Petersburg last year, and if all goes well I'll be allowed to spend the rest of my life studying the place. Under the circumstances, it's surprising there isn't more here, really. But then, you should see my bookshelves.

[Camera]Gallery - This is meant to be a sort of rotating repository of images I've got hanging around. For the moment, that means all that's there is an art project I did in 1994, and a bunch of pictures of my mom's dog, Sophie, when she was a puppy ('cause it's not a personal home page without a few pet pics, right??). 

[Magnetic Poetry™]Magnetic Poetry™ - My friends and I did most of these in college. Oddly enough, the Mag Po people didn't seem to think they were worthy of getting published in their little book. You be the judge.

[Books]Recommended Book List - Just what it says, bub.

[List] Top Ten Lists - Because there are some topics Dave just can't cover.

[Spiral Notebook]View My Guestbook - It's more fun than you've had all week.

Book] Sign My Guestbook - Still more fun - really.

[Welcome to the Internet sign] Credits - As everyone knows, the 'net is like Vegas, only without even a miniscule chance of hitting the jackpot (without stock options, that is) -- the drinks are always free. But sometimes they're hard to find. Herewith the sources (and due gratitude) for all the free goodies that pepper this site.

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