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Mathewsniki and Velvet


[Mathews House]
We are ...the Mathewsniki.

[The Tiger]
The house with the velvet tiger in the lounge.


The Photo Album


We are unafraid to make sacrifices for the cause.

Limits mean nothing: when this brave Mathewsnik was asked to hold 50 marshmallows in his mouth while elocuting "chubby bunny," he did it with 51.

Rats! Foiled again!

This team is so ready, we drink a quart of espresso in one sitting regularly.

[Barney, seemingly]
Meet Barney. Pre-napalm.

[Stonehenge, etc.]
World B. Free: Winners of the 1996 Scavenger Hunt!

Brought to you by the team that made history with Adam & Eve '94.


Where Do We Go From Here?


[star]U of C Travel Brochure, courtesy of Utopia Parkway[tm].

[star]Invade the B-School!

[ball]The Great Internet Scavenger Hunt

[ball]BizCafe's St. Paddy's 4-Leaf Clover Scavenger Hunt

[ball]Cyber Jacques' Cyber Seas Treasure Hunt

[ball2]Yoko Ono's Home Page

[ball2]Rubberband Ball


[ball2]Faces, by Cory R. Gilbert


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