kari (a.k.a. mad ratwoman)'s home page

this is my home page. thank you for coming to it.


hello!! and welcome to the random psychotic eclecticism that is my life and my home page... (version 1.1- now with pictures!!)

since the purpose of having a home page is basically to create a shrine to oneself, here's more about me than you ever wanted to know.

this is me.

university of chicago. it's where i live.

this is kate: [well, i haven't got a picture yet, but as soon as i get one, i'll put one in] go see kate's home page

this is They Might Be Giants, the band, the cereal, and now,

[image of feet]this home page is long overdue to be updated, i'm afraid, but i've been spending all my time working on the home page for _Utopia Parkway_, a brand new netzine that i edit, along with two of my friends, kate pickering and francesca parker. check it totally out. i mean it.

"we're in a road movie to berlin; can't drive out the way we drove in..." and if you want to get out while you still can, there are many places you might want to go, many quite a bit stranger than this...

well, that's about all for now... coming soon: pictures and rooms.... and more randomness....

kari bauer (klbauer@midway.uchicago.edu)